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Quality Assurance

Top Quality Material and Precise Engineering

Truemed with an understanding quality;


· Keeping the customer satisfaction at all times and at the top level,

· Producing high quality products compatible with national, international standards and legal conditions in the existing screw, nail and plate group implant products in accordance with our implant production activity,

· Providing high quality services in accordance with customer expectations, in accordance with its national, international standards and legal conditions,

· Continuously increasing the company image,

· Providing continuous development and improvement by training all the staff,

· Providing the happiness of employees,

· Providing the best service to our customers with full-time and economic solutions,

· Committing to our company's employees, to ınclude customer terms, including legal terms and legislation conditions,

· Regarding the development and implementation of the quality management system; by implementing the requirements of the quality management system and by continuing the efficient and effective, by using the risk-oriented approach,


Quality policy has been to be a wanted, successful and reliable institution.