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TRUE Distal Tibia Medial Malleolar Locking Plate

TRUE Distal Tibia Medial Malleolar Locking Plate are indicated for fractures, osteotomies and pseudarthroses of the distal and diaphyseal fibula, the distal tibia

3 different hole option between 5-9

TRUE Distal Tibia Medial Malleolar Locking Plate are made of Ti6Al4V ELI material (ASTM F136)

Anatomically shaped
Conical distal shape supports plate to fit the bone.
Kirschner wire holes in the head, parallel to the joint, accept Kirschner wires to temporarily fix fragments and show proximity to the joint.
Combi-holes provide the flexibility of axial com- pression and locking capability throughout the length of the plate shaft.
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